FROM TRASH TO HOUSE So I’m sort of a notorious do-it-yourselfer. Ok, actually I’m a pull-it-out-of-the-trash-then-figure-out what-I’m-going-to-do-with-it-selfer. I’m a ‘trasher’, perhaps? From old dressers that only have two out of the five drawers that open, to random deer antlers on the side of the road- if it looks like trash, I’ll take it. When I would call home, my grandpa would always ask "what object did you pull out of the trash this week." I can't help it, my sister is the same way. Must be genetics from our grandpa, because the man has multiple barns full of treasures. My current project actually came from where I work. Our upstairs studio doesn’t just house lighting equipment, it also housed random desks that no one used anymore and odd shaped cabinets that were probably once used for storing old magazines. Honestly, who knows? When we had our studio’s ceiling revamped a few months ago (thanks Hurricane Matthew) our art team was like “I think it’s time we cleaned some stuff out.” Although I didn’t technically pull this piece from the dumpster behind our office like I did my bedroom end table, I did save her from going to the dumpster! So here she is! (seriously unsure why I keep referring to it as a her?) A once random shelf for office equipment turned into a new living room bar cart.  I sort of started first with painting the legs gold, then moved on to painting the body white. Since taping  and spraying the white portion wasn’t really working that well (a serious pain), we tried just using a basic white acrylic paint approach. Which seemed to work…8 coats later. I decided to only paint one door since I planned to leave the inside shelves visible for cute bar carty things. I left the back of the cart unpainted. Not quite sure if I like it yet? Thoughts? The top of the cart and shelves were replaced with real marble. HA, jk. I used marble contact paper that was purchased at Lowe's Home Improvement and I’m literally trying to think of what else I can use it for! Everything, probably. I love it that much. Voila, finished product! So what do you think? Next time your office is getting rid of some random piece of furniture, stop and say “what can I turn this into?” That’s typically what I do.