MOVING SQUAD So I did it! I moved all the way from Columbus, Ohio to the heart of Charleston, South Carolina! I've had conversations (ok, one sentence) with a total of two people since I've been here: a guy at the beach who ask me how to work the parking ticket machine and a counter worker at Panera. Making progress, folks! I've been able to take evening runs down to the Battery the last two nights, which has been awesome. There's so much to see in this town (hence my bucket list in the last post). I have ventured out of just Charleston a bit for exploring, but not much. Yesterday I was able to make my way to find groceries, which I may have found the beach first. ;) Isle of Palms is amazing and super close to where the grocery store was. There actually wasn't a lot of people out, but the jellyfish were EVERYWHERE! I have honestly never seen so many literally just washed up lying on the beach. I almost felt bad for them, almost.  I did find a Walmart- you can take the girl out of Pike County, but you can't take the Pike County out of the girl! Ha. Setting up internet in this town (anywhere, really)  I do believe has turned into a headache. What I was hoping for would be a quick "here's your account number, set up a password, log in" has turned into a "you can't access your account until you get your modem in like two weeks." Cool.  So I am internetless, reliving the olden days by watching DVD's. Currently rewatching the first season of Gossip Girl, again. Except somehow I lost the second disc, so I basically missed a chunk of good drama. My Charleston days have just been spent visiting the beach, stopping in at Target, watching Gossip Girl and going on evening runs. Living the high life, but I love it.