So back in 2010 I decided to start a bucket list. Some of the things are hilarious to me now as I forgot I even listed them!! Right now I have 50, but I'm sure as I get older my goals/dreams will change. :)(List updated to 51 things in 2015!!) 1. Go para-sailing (2011 in SC)2. Ride a camel (2013 OSF, 2015 Columbus Zoo)3. Go to all Ohio county fairs (still working)4. Become a bartender5. Learn to play guitar (I know a few chords)6. Swim in the Gulf of Mexico (2014 in FL)7. Stay in a house on the beach8. Vacation/ski in Colorado9. Swim with a dolphin10. Go to Paris, France11. Gamble in Las Vegas12. Write a book13. Go to a College Football Bowl game (2015 OSUvsALA Sugar Bowl)14. Go to Times Square for NYE15. Attempt to surf on the Pacific Ocean16. Karaoke in Nashville (if my song would have played!)17. Go hiking in Hawaii18. Have a garage and park at least one car in it19. See all four oceans (Atlantic, Pacific)20. Design my own wedding21. Graduate from The Ohio State University22. Graduate from Oklahoma State University (I had just been accepted to the other OSU when I wrote this)23. Date someone from another state24. Be an entrepreneur25. Barrel race once26. Sip a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby27. Ride a Harley down an open road (2011 to OBX)28. Visit a vineyard (2012 in TX)29. Camp outside with my husband30. Build a tree house for my kids31. Ride the ferris wheel at the state fair.32. Meet someone famous (Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, President Clinton, Danny from Jersey Shore, etc)33. Visit Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo34. Watch Saturday Night Live live35. Remodel a house/old building36. Go to a wine tasting (2012 in TX and 2015 in TN)37. Visit trade towers memorial (2012)38. Go to Opening Day39. Be in a wedding other than my own (Hayley's 2012, Miranda's 2014, Kristin's 2015, DD's 2015)40. Go to every state (half way there!)41. Go on a cruise (2016- Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands)42. Run a half marathon (ha!)43. Road trip out west (ND, SD, Nebraska, Kansas)44. Attend a murder mystery dinner  (2015, 2016)45. Go to Warrenton Antique Week/Junk-O-Rama Prom46. Attend a crazy bachelorette party (Louisville 2014, Nashville x2 2015)47. Live in the south (South Carolina)48. Watch a team play from each CFB conference (Big10, SEC, USA, Big12, FBS Independent, American Athletic, Mid-American, Sun Belt)49. Visit Washington DC (2014, 2015)50. Learn another language really well51. Get hypnotized (I FINALLY did it! And yes it's real!)