NEW CRIB, WHO DIS There comes a time in everyone’s life when their landlord tells them they need to move out because their apartment is getting demolished and replaced with a hotel, right? Just me, ok. Back in August when the lease I took over started to expire, I went to my leasing office to let them know I wanted to start paying month to month. That’s when they let me know my wonderfully downtown located apartment would no longer be around. Naturally I began to worry about where I was going to live. At the time, all my summer friends had just gone back to their states for jobs or school and everyone at my work was slowly starting to leave. Being ten hours from home, I was literally alone. Who would help me find somewhere new? I was spoiled by living downtown just off the infamous King Street, so moving anywhere else just wasn’t an option. If I did find somewhere, who would help me move? Numbers of questions filled my mind as I lay awake freaking out over what to do. Luckily it was only August, and I had until May to be moved out. Here we are seven months later, in my new crib, and still downtown. Bless up. My current apartment was a small studio, but lawddddd the amount of stuff I acquired the last few months. Luckily my new South Carolina besties had my back and offered to help me move. I had already been loading my car down with boxes, but there are only so many trips up and down three flights of stairs you can make until you’re like “I’m waiting for the truck.” After a few (ok, more than a few) trips between places, I am FINALLY in my new place. Although most of the place is still covered in boxes and we only have a limited amount of furniture, this new adventure with my brunettes I’m sure will be an exciting one. Casshhh us on Instagram, how ba dah? Also, I appreciate lots of snail mail and the occasional visitor. DM me if ya need my new address!